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Grand Prize winner of the 2015 Open Source Software System Challenge—is a free and open platform to filter and classify social media messages related to emergencies, disasters, and humanitarian crises

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Algorithmic Map Making

QCRI is working with local stakeholders and collaborating with MIT to algorithmically build accurate maps using data from multiple sources by investigating emerging area of algorithmic map inference (AMI), i.e., the design of algorithms to automatically build and update maps using diverse data sources , primarily GPS data and satellite images.



QCRI Automatic Transcription and Translation System is our translation system for online multimedia content to lower the language barriers and improve the reach of news content

Qatar Center for Artificial Intelligence (QCAI)’s support QCRI’s vision of being a global leader of computing research in identified areas that will bring positive impact to the lives of citizens and society of Qatar. QCAI aims to raise Qatar’s profile as a global technology innovation hub.


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