June 24, 2018


17 FEBRUARY 2019

AI for Social Good

This workshop on AI for Social Good, jointly organized by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Qatar Center for Artificial Intelligence (QCAI) at QCRI, brings together experts and practitioners from a range of stakeholders, including UN agencies, NGOs, academic institutions and industry partners to present their experience with applying AI to solve real world problems in this domain. The workshop will also provide an opportunity to discuss important questions including (i) ethical issues related to how to ensure equal benefits to all and that no one is left behind, (ii) technical and legal issues related to data access, and (iii) operational issues related to the integration of new technologies into existing workflows and decision making processes.

22 NOVEMBER 2018

TASMU-QCAI Artificial Intelligence in Transportation work

Qatar Center for Artificial Intelligence at QCRI is please to invite the transportation and urban computing research community in Qatar to discuss and explore potential of using AI for solving current and future challenges facing Qatar in the transportation sector. The TASMU-QCAI Artificial Intelligence in Transportation workshop is being hosted by the Ministry of Transport and Communication’s Smart Qatar TASMU program and Qatar Center for Artificial Intelligence (QCAI) of Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI) - a research institute at Hamad Bin Khalifa University and a Qatar Foundation entity.


Machine Learning School in Doha with BigML

QCRI, QCAI and BigML will collaborate to host a two day machine learning school which will be open to researchers and industry professionals across Qatar.


Symposium on legal and ethical issues surrounding AI

As AI agents become more intelligent, the legal and ethical issues surrounding AI agents will come to the forefront and how qatar should address these issues will be discussed



A three day course for high-school teachers in Qatar to learn about AI, so that they can pass on the knowledge to students and enhance their curriculum with AI content

OCTOBER 4th, 2018

Artificial Intelligence and Food Security

A one day symposium to explain how AI and data science can help ensure food security in Qatar, a very timely topic especially after the blockade. For more details about the event and how to register, click on the button below.

SEPTEMBER 9th, 2018

Qatar Center for Artificial Intelligence (QCAI) Launch & Oxford University's Michael Wooldridge lecture: "AI: What Little We Know"

The head of Oxford University’s department of computer science, Professor Michael Wooldridge, is to visit Qatar next month for the launch of Qatar Center for Artificial Intelligence (QCAI). The new center is an initiative of Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI) to help  Qatar realize its vision of becoming a knowledge-based economy. Prof. Wooldridge, who is also a member of QCRI's Scientific Advisory Committee, will present a lecture “Artificial Intelligence: What Little We Know” from 4pm, Sunday September 9 at the HBKU Research Complex Multipurpose Hall.